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November 2005 Grant Recipients

Adams Ladies Club

AWARD: $1200.00

Support the printing of the History of Adams, Volume VI, a book that chronicles this community's heritage.

Fourth Grade Heritage Project (county-wide)

AWARD: $2000.00

Teach Umatilla County's 4th grade students the value of their local history through docent-led tours of Heritage Station Museum, by viewing a video about the Oregon Trail and by completing on or more art projects.

Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame

AWARD: $1000.00

Reformat historic Round-Up and Happy Canyon film. Digitized footage can be used and the original film can be stored, protected from changes in temperature and humidity.

Pendleton Urban Renewal District

AWARD: $1000.00

Develop and print a walking tour brochure for Pendleton's Historic District. Other support: In-Kind donation of City staff and volunteer time.

Umatilla Museum & Historical Foundation

AWARD: $2600.00

Create a mural depicting "The Castle" (Umatilla's former high school) on the Museum's exterior wall.

Clark Calahan, sponsor of Xuacu Amieva's visit

AWARD: $1500.00

Bring an internationally acclaimed musician to perform the bagpipe for Umatilla County's students.